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The Staple Remedy

Wash Day Kit

Wash Day Kit

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Wash Day Essentials ✨✅ Deep Hydration Masque ✅ Coconut & Vanilla Cleansing Shampoo✅ Protein Treatment - Rice Water✅ Hibiscus & Clove Leave In Conditioner✅ Mega Growth Oil

☑️Deep Hydration Masque ls a moisture rich solution which is formulated to elimate dryness and breakage. The Remedy awakens the scalp and strengthens the hair strands

☑️ Coconut & Vanilla Cleansing Shampoo Infused with vitamin E , fenugreek and black soap to cleanse the scalp and prevent your hair from shedding 

☑️ Protein Treatment - Rice Wateris a protein treatment that balances the porosity of your hair, limits frizz and regenerates the hair follicles.

☑️ Hibiscus & Clove Leave In Conditioner is formulated to soften and hydrates the hair instantly.

☑️  Mega Growth Oil is formulated to promote thicker, stronger hair strands to prevent shedding & retain length.

TSR Multi- Vitamin Deep Hydration Masque - 6 Months Fridge Life

TSR Hibiscus & Clove Leave In Conditioner - 3 Months Fridge Life

TSR  Protein Treatment - Rice Water - 1 month Fridge Life 

TSR Coconut & Vanilla Cleansing Shampoo - 6 months shelf life 

TSR Mega Growth Oil - 1 Year Shelf Life 

Steps - Section your hair into 4 and apply TSR deep hydration masque from roots to tips. Cover with a plastic cap and go underneath a dryer for 1 hour. If you do not have a hair dryer then cover the plastic cap with a towel.- wash out with coconut & vanilla cleansing shampoo twice.- then apply TSR rice water ( put the rice water in the fridge)  from roots to tips for 15-20 mins without heat. Just under a plastic cap.- if your hair feels quite dry after then wash out with a conditioner or if your hair doesn’t feel as dry then wash out with shampoo.- after you have washed out your hair apply TSR Hibiscus & Clove Leave in conditioner.- if you normally plait your hair then leave the leave In your hair and style as preferred.On a daily basis apply & massage the mega growth oil directly into the scalp preferably before you sleep.Note : Your hair grows mostly when you sleep ‼️



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